Annual Report 2014/15

The Role of NZQA

About our role

NZQA’s role is to ensure that New Zealand qualifications are regarded as credible and robust, nationally and internationally. Learners from all ages and stages, whānau, teachers, educators, iwi and industry all depend on NZQA to support their aims through:

  • managing and improving the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF)10
  • administering the secondary school assessment system
  • providing independent quality assurance of non-university tertiary education providers.

About us

NZQA is a Crown entity. Our Board provides governance and is accountable to the Minister of Education. Leadership and advice are provided by our Strategic Management Team, which is also responsible for the performance and deliverables of the organisation.

Our performance as a Crown entity is monitored by the Ministry of Education.

The impacts we are seeking

NZQA supports learners, whānau, employers, iwi, industry and society by working to achieve the following three impacts:

  • Impact 1: The New Zealand Qualifications Framework is more relevant and better meets the needs of learners, employers, industry, iwi and providers
  • Impact 2: Higher-quality tertiary education in New Zealand
  • Impact 3: Higher-quality of assessment practices in New Zealand’s senior secondary schools.

These three impacts guide our performance story in this Annual Report.

Achieving Education System Outcomes through working together

NZQA is one of eight state-sector education agencies that work collaboratively towards the Government’s vision of a world-leading education system that equips all New Zealanders with the knowledge, skills and values to be successful citizens in the 21st century. The other agencies are the Ministry of Education, the Tertiary Education Commission, the Education Review Office, the New Zealand Teachers Council / Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand,11 Careers New Zealand and Education New Zealand, and the crown owned company Network for Learning (N4L).

NZQA works with other government agencies and private sector organisations including:

  • Network for Learning Ltd (N4L), to leverage Pond (an online platform that connects teachers, students, school administrators and providers of content)
  • the Ministry of Education on delivering the successful NCEA and the Whānau and NCEA ma le Pasifika workshops
  • the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) on our shared interest in ensuring the quality of the tertiary education sector
  • CALYPSO, the joined up education system senior officials group
  • Industry Training Organisations to strengthen relationships to ensure that quality tertiary qualifications are delivered.

NZQA’s role in international education

One of NZQA’s responsibilities is to increase the international recognition, understanding and portability of New Zealand qualifications. Our international work helps make New Zealand a more attractive place for students to come and study, supports the export education industry and encourages student and labour mobility.

NZQA works closely with Education New Zealand, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise on its international work. Some of the work we do includes:

  • supporting free trade agreement negotiations involving qualification recognition
  • implementing qualifications recognition commitments in signed free trade agreements
  • providing advice and support to Pacific Island nations on developing qualification frameworks and quality assurance processes
  • improving understanding and recognition of qualifications
  • working with G2G12 partners to deliver specialised programmes
  • administering the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, which involves working with other quality assurance providers and the International Appeal Authority and Review Panel to verify that Code signatories perform as required and international students receive ethical and responsible care from their providers.


11. On 1 July 2015 the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (EDUCANZ) was established as an independent statutory body and the New Zealand Teachers Council was disestablished.

12. New Zealand G2G Partnerships Limited (G2G) provides a way for overseas governments to access proven New Zealand know-how as they go about growing their own capability.

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