He tauākī whakamaunga atu Statement of Intent 2019/20 - 2022/23

Enabling lifelong learning

People will need to engage in learning throughout their lives to keep pace with changes in the nature of work arising from rapid social, economic and technological advances.

Megatrends of technology disrupting labour markets and changing skill demands, together with population ageing, mean that more people will change careers more often. Lifelong learning is key to addressing these challenges and opportunities.

New Zealand’s productivity is dependent on a suitably skilled workforce.

A range of approaches to lifelong learning will be needed. For some people it will involve formal qualifications; for others, micro-credentials will be more appropriate.

Micro-credentials, introduced into the New Zealand education and training system in 2019, enable learning for emerging skills, for example skills related to new technology, to be brought to market quickly.

Micro-credentials enable learners to access specific knowledge and skills in a cost-effective and time-efficient way. Emerging skills related to new technology can be brought to market quickly, helping people stay current in occupations to suit their circumstances. Micro-credentials were introduced to help the New Zealand education and training system stay relevant in the face of fast- paced social, economic and technological change.

To ensure that the qualifications system can respond to these social, economic and technological changes a review of the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) was initiated in 2018. The review seeks to optimise the portability and recognition of a wide range of qualifications and potentially other credentials, as education and training operate in an increasingly global environment.

The NZQF provides clear and comprehensive information for learners, employers, communities and iwi on relevant learning pathways. This assists learners to make better choices about their education and training, and employers to understand the skills they need.

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