He tauākī whakamaunga atu Statement of Intent 2019/20 - 2022/23

Ngā rautaki takune

Strategic intentions

Our context and the operating environment we are working in

Our operating environment is constantly changing as education evolves and adapts to the demands of global learners and harnesses the power of digital technologies. Digital learning and assessment changes how and what learners learn; it also changes the opportunities available to support those with additional learning needs.

The expectations of education are changing, and learners want greater flexibility in their learning programmes and qualifications. Significant equity issues still exist for Māori and Pasifika learners. Employers are looking for more nimble and adaptable workers with a diverse range of skills and capabilities. Overall the needs and expectations of learners and their whānau, employers, industry and iwi continue to evolve, demanding more of the education sector organisations.

We have a key role to play in addressing these challenges and opportunities through our quality assurance and assessment and credentialing roles; however, we cannot do this by ourselves. We work closely with our sector colleague agencies as well as education organisations, teachers and whānau.

Our strategic priorities, as agreed with the government, are:

  • Equity of access and outcomes
  • Flexible and future focused
  • Working in collaboration with learners and the sector

These strategic priorities will be supported by operational priorities of supporting system outcomes, sustainable business practices and responsive systems.

In revising our strategic outcomes framework, we have incorporated the essence of the Government Education Portfolio Work Programme as well as the above strategic and operational priorities. As a result, we have sharpened our focus on two key outcomes:

  • Equity of access to qualifications supports intergenerational wellbeing
  • New Zealand qualifications enable lifelong learning.

These two outcomes will now form the cornerstone of our strategic outcomes framework. We have developed our new Statement of Performance Expectations in conjunction with the development of this strategic outcomes framework. Through this process we have had a strong emphasis on ensuring that there are clear links between the framework and the measures to enable readers to see and understand the connection between the Statement of Intent and the Statement of Performance Expectations.


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