Te Rautaki Māori 2012-2017

Purpose Statement

Te Rautaki Māori a te Mana Tohu Mātauranga o Aotearoa 2012 - 2017 (Te Rautaki Māori 2012 - 2017) outlines the New Zealand Qualifications Authority’s contribution to the Government’s education sector goal of Māori achieving and enjoying education success as Māori. It consists of a strategic framework that articulates goals and an implementation programme identified through a process of engaging with Māori, whānau, hapū and iwi, and the education sector.

Te Rautaki Māori 2012 - 2017 also reflects on NZQA’s achievements since the launch of Te Rautaki Māori me te Mahere Whakatinana a te Mana Tohu Mātauranga 2007 - 2012 (Te Rautaki Māori 2007 - 2012).

Te Rautaki Māori 2012 - 2017 has been principally prepared to guide NZQA towards fulfilling its contribution to Māori education success. The strategy also informs Māori, whānau, hapū and iwi about how NZQA has committed to working with and for Māori to meet the objectives set out in Te Rautaki Māori 2012 - 2017.

Over the next five years, NZQA will increase its organisational capability to respond to Māori learner needs and aspirations. We will strengthen our relationships with our colleague education sector agencies to pool our knowledge, resources and effort towards Māori enjoying and achieving education success as Māori.

In addition to this strategy document NZQA has prepared implementation plans, including milestones and detailed actions to guide NZQA staff to give effect to Te Rautaki Māori 2012 - 2017 as a part of their everyday functions.

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