Te Rautaki Māori 2012-2017

Strategic Outcomes Framework

Te Rautaki Māori 2012 - 2017 is NZQA’s planned approach to how it will direct its resources to contribute to Māori education success and the government’s Māori education strategy; Ka Hikitia.


Ka Hikitia is the government’s approach to improving the performance of the education system for, and with Māori. The aim of Ka Hikitia is to transform the education sector so that Māori enjoying and achieving education success as Māori is the “norm”. Ka Hikitia acknowledges that a number of government agencies, including NZQA, need to effectively link their work to achieve the strategy’s ultimate outcome. Te Rautaki Māori 2012 - 2017 reinforces NZQA’s commitment to working with education agencies on the government’s shared objective for improved Māori educational outcomes.


After engagement with iwi and other Māori education sector clients, NZQA has determined that there are two principal goals that can be achieved by NZQA using its statutory role and functions to promote Māori enjoying and achieving education success as Māori, they are:

  • Accelerated Māori learner success; and
  • Advanced use of mātauranga Māori.

These goals underpin the direction of NZQA’s Te Rautaki Māori 2012 - 2017 implementation programme. The goals are interdependent. They recognise that the cultural relevance mātauranga Māori provides, across all delivery mediums, is a key contributor to accelerating Māori learner success.

Accelerated Māori learner Success

Māori learner achievement statistics have improved between 2007 - 2012. However, NZQA agrees with Māori educationalists and iwi that more must be done to accelerate Māori learner success. The success of Māori learners in education has implications beyond 2017 for the labour market and the national economy. Therefore, accelerating Māori learner success is of national importance given the projected concentration of the Māori working age population in the next 20 years. Within the limits of its statutory mandate, NZQA will sharpen its focus on Māori learner success in its processes for the review and development of standards and qualifications, throughout its quality assurance functions, and through its support to teachers and schools, learners and whānau for the delivery of NCEA.

NZQA acknowledges that accelerating Māori learner success will require a collaborative effort – with iwi, hapū and whānau, parents, schools, educators and other public sector education agencies.

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