Verified Languages role definition


NZQA appoints verifiers to verify the schools' assessment of NCEA external achievement standards in Cook Islands Māori, Korean and Lea Faka-Tonga.

Verifiers work in a panel led by the National Verifier to ensure assessment judgements are consistent with the national standard. Verifiers conduct critiques of draft assessment materials (examinations, resource texts and assessment schedules) prior to use with candidates. After examinations are marked, verifiers confirm or adjust the provisional grades for a sample of candidates’ work. NZQA provides guide notes and templates to be used.

Applicants may be contracted for more than one level. Pre-assessment critiques occur between July and September, and verification between October and December, each requiring up to nine days.

Key responsibilities

Verifiers are required to:

  • work with the National Verifier to ensure assessment is consistent with the national standard
  • attend training and meeting(s) as required
  • follow agreed processes when making verification decisions
  • contribute to reporting the outcomes of verification process
  • maintain confidentiality with regard to all aspects of the verification process
  • work to the timeline and demands of the verification process.

Professional and personal qualities

Verifiers will demonstrate:

  • knowledge and understanding of the standards to be verified
  • experience and confidence with standards based assessment
  • clear and effective communication skills
  • the ability to establish and maintain constructive working relationships with other professionals.

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