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Isn't Leaving the School Environment Scary?

Of course leaving behind what you know is scary, and leaving the school environment is no different. It can seem a daunting prospect, but it's not impossible. The majority of the team have been through change, and know and understanding how it feels. They will be on hand to support any new members adjust to the new environment and introduce you to all of the aspects of the role. As part of NZQA's Induction Process you will be assigned a Buddy who will show you the ropes and answer all of your questions. You will also have the support of your Team Leader and the Manager, as well as the wider team.

Just remember, if you are successful at what you do now - you can be just as successful in this role!

I really thought I'd miss teaching, but I feel I have just as much input into the kids now, if not more. I get just as much pleasure from the National Assessment Facilitator role as I did in the classroom." Lyall Prestidge

How Quickly Do you Want Someone to Start?

In an ideal world, we'd love it if the successful applicant could start as soon as possible. However, we understand that notice periods will need to be worked out, and that relocation to Wellington may be required. We will therefore be flexible with the successful applicant and their start date.

What is the Salary Range?

The salary range for this position is $85,522 to $95,024. It is NZQA's policy to make appointments within this range, based on skills and experience.

Where is the Role Based?

This role is based at our office at 125 The Terrace in Wellington.   The office is right in the heart of the 'Golden Mile' of Lambton Quay. Wellington is capital of many things - events, cultural, coffee - and all are within a stones’ throw of the office. Whatever you are after, Wellington has it on offer.

To find out more about Wellington, visit:-



Will There be Any Assistance Available if I have to Move to Wellington?

Each case is looked at individually and would need the approval of our Chief Executive.

Will I Need to Travel?

There may be some national travel involved, on average this may be once a month.

Do I Lose my Sick Leave?

NZQA allows for prior service to be recognised if it meets these criteria:

  • it was of at least 12 months in duration,

  • it ended within 5 years of current appointment to NZQA; and

  • it was served at another Government department or in the Education Service.

A Certificate of Service must be provided to NZQA for service to be recognised. If the service can be recognised, and the Certificate of Service confirms the number of unused sick leave days, then these can be carried over, up to a maximum of 50 days.

What About Superannuation?

KiwiSaver - When you commence employment with NZQA, you will (subject to the KiwiSaver criteria) be automatically enrolled into KiwiSaver.  If you do not wish to contribute to KiwiSaver, you can opt-out in line with the KiwiSaver Act 2006.  You can read more about KiwiSaver at www.kiwisaver.govt.nz

GSF – If you are a GSF member, you will need to contact GSF and ask them if you would be able to continue your contributions if you were to be employed by NZQA.

SSRSS - NZQA are not party to the SSRSS scheme, therefore we are unable to make deductions for this Plan.

Are there any Healthcare Options at NZQA?

NZQA qualify for group discounts with Southern Cross Healthcare. This is not subsidised by NZQA, but employees qualify for a discount on their premiums. Employees have access to the full range of Southern Cross plans. Current Southern Cross members also qualify for the discount.

What Hours will I be Expected to Work?

NZQA employees work 40 hours per week between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. If you are required to work additional hours, you are able to claim, subject to prior management approval, Time of in Lieu (TOIL). This is on a basis of an hour off for an hour worked.

Will I be able to Continue being a Marker / Examiner etc?

No. NZQA employees cannot hold contract for services positions while they are employed.

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