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There are a number of critical elements to the National Assessment Facilitator role. The calendar below shows what happens, and when it happens, based on 2016/17.

January February March
  • Processing Marker Claims (continues into February)
  • Publish Judgement Statements in readiness for answer booklet return
  • Missing answer booklets from the 2016 round are investigated
  • NAFs Conduct 2016 Exam Review Meetings in January and February
  • 2016 Assessment Schedules signed off in readiness for publication in early April
  • Commence the appointment of Independent and Subject Checkers for the 2017 examination material
  • 2016 Panel Leader Reports critiqued and sent to examiners to prepare subject level Assessment reports
  • 2016 Answer booklets submitted from candidates for reviews and reconsiderations
  • Advertise for Panel Leaders for end-year marking leadership roles
  • Final 2017 examination material submitted to National Assessment Facilitators for approval, and then on to editing
  • Secondary Examinations internal reviews conducted
  • 2017 Assessment specifications updated, as required
  • Finalise 2016 Assessment reports for publication
April May
  • Commence the appointment process for 2018 Examiners and Material Developers
  • All 2017 examination Panel Leaders appointed and contracted
  • 2017 Development Guidenotes publication commenced
  • Data collected for the 2017 examination papers likely to be requested to be translated to Te Reo Māori
  • 2018 Examiners and Material Developers contracted
  • Advertise for replacement Examiners and Material Developers
  • Prepare for the training of new Examiners and Material Developers
  • Top Scholar ceremony conducted
  • On-going editing checks of 2017 examination material
  • Panel Leader and Marker 2017 Guidenotes commenced
  • Training for new Examiners / Materials Developers, including sending of contracts
  • Commence advertising for 2017 markers
  • Special conditions for the assessment of NZ Scholarship Drama confirmed and publicised
  • Panel Leader and Marker Guidenotes publication process continues
July August September
  • Advertising for markers continues this month. Applications processed as received
  • Commence the appointment of Material Critiquers for the 2018 exam cycle
  • Process 2017 Marker appointment by the end of the month
  • Further training for new 2018 examiners and Material Developers
  • Conduct training for new 2017 Panel Leaders
  • 2017 Markers contracted
  • 2017 allocations (candidate answer booklets to markers) completed
  • 2018 Materials Critiquers positions advertised
  • Appointment process for 2017 Marking translators commenced
  • 2018 examination planning meetings held with subject levels, with the 2018 production schedule agreed
  • Profiles of Expected Performance information for the 2017 marking round collated and agreed
  • Process for the translation of requested examination papers into Te Reo Māori starts
  • Training of new Panel Leaders for 2017 NZ Scholarship
  • Selecting schools to provide examination answer booklets to be used for benchmarking and at Marker briefing meetings
  • Various forms finalised Panel Leaders to use at the 2017 benchmarking and markers meetings
  • 2018 Assessment Specifications documents required from Examiners by the end of the month
  • Final arrangements made for the assessment of Graphics, Technology and Visual Arts external standards
  • Majority of 2017 examination papers approved for printing this month
  • Writing of 2018 examination papers commences
October November December
  • Printing of translated papers is competed this month
  • Writing of the 2018 examination papers continues
  • A multitude of processes concerned with the marking of the 2017 examination papers continues this month, to be concluded by early November
  • Marking translators are confirmed and contracted by mid-November
  • 2017 examinations commence
  • Visits to benchmarking and / or marking panels during November / December
  • Meetings for the verification of Levels 1 & 2 Visual Arts are completed and schools informed. Marking of L3 portfolios (NCEA, NZ Scholarship) starts this month, and continues through to mid-December
  • The submission of Design and Visual Communications, Technology and PE reports / portfolios to markers occurs
  • Sign off on all marking panel assessment schedules
  • Marking and check marking commences.
  • Marking continues to be monitored
  • Marking is completed and results entered electronically by Markers before 21 December deadline
  • Marker report templates available for all markers / Panel Leaders
  • Marker performance monitored in consultation with Panel Leaders during the marking period
  • Marking results monitored using the expected profile of performance
  • Completion reports filed by National Assessment Facilitators for every subject and level.
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