Sesilili (Lili) Bray, law graduate

Growing up, Lili Bray was always taught the importance of education, but she didn’t know how far it would take her.

In 2008 she completed a double degree from Victoria University in Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Pacific Studies. Now she’s hooked and is considering going on to study for a Master’s degree in Education.

It’s a natural progression from a Bachelor’s degree at level 7 on the Register of Quality Assured Qualifications to a Master’s degree at level 9. These qualifications can be found on the Register maintained by NZQA.

“I always thought I’d come to university. We were always taught education was most important. I’ve always been interested in [the field of] education but I thought law would be useful for getting a job. With law, you can get into a whole lot of different areas,” Lili says.

Lili was born in Tonga but grew up in Palmerston North, learning Tongan from her parents. One of her brothers is following in her footsteps to university.

The education electives she took had a Pasifika focus. She was also a member of the Tongan Students’ Association. There are over 800 students of Pacific heritage currently studying at Victoria and over 50 Pasifika staff members. “My Tongan heritage is really important to me. To know where you come from gives you a sense of identity. Even though I’m in New Zealand, I still have those connections.”

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