Accredited Industry Training Organisations

Accredited Industry Training Organisations

Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) are recognised by the Associate Minister of Education (Tertiary Education) under the Industry Training Act 1992. They are established by particular industries and are responsible for:

  • setting national skill standards for their industry
  • providing information and advice to trainees and their employers
  • arranging for the delivery of on and off-job training (including developing training packages for employers)
  • arranging for the assessment of trainees and
  • arranging the monitoring of quality training.

The Tertiary Education Commission website has the full list of recognised Industry Training Organisations.

ITOs can assist in gaining qualifications listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

They have also been granted Consent to Assess for standards on the Directory of Assessment Standards.

Details are listed below.

Name Trading As Provider Number
Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (Wellington) BCITO 8101
Community Support Services ITO Limited (Wellington) Careerforce 8144
Competenz (Auckland) Competenz 8104
Connexis Infrastructure ITO (Wellington) Connexis Infrastructure ITO 8136
Funeral Service Training Trust of New Zealand (WELLINGTON) Funeral Service Training Trust of New Zealand 8131
MITO New Zealand Incorporated (WELLINGTON) MITO 9013
NZ Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation Inc (Wellington) HITO 8134
NZ Marine and Composites Industry Training Organisation (Auckland) NZ Marine and Composites Industry Training Organisation 8140
Primary Industry Training Organisation (WELLINGTON) Primary Industry Training Organisation 8105
ServiceIQ (Wellington) ServiceIQ 9068
Skills Active Aotearoa Limited (WELLINGTON) Skills Active Aotearoa Limited 8129
The Skills Organisation (Auckland) The Skills Organisation 8103