Verify NZQA documents

Use our online verification tools to check that an electronic document issued by NZQA is current and official.

NZQA documents you can verify

NZQA issues a verifiable PDF of the:

- New Zealand Record of Achievement (NZROA)

- International Qualification Assessment (IQA)

- Overseas Study Assessment (OSA).

Our online tools can instantly verify the authenticity of these documents, as long as they:

- are in the original PDF format

- have not been modified in any way

- have been downloaded directly from our online web portal, and

- the file name has not been changed.

For information about checking other New Zealand qualification documents, see:

Check a NZ qualification

Verify a New Zealand Record of Achievement

You can upload the original PDF of someone’s NZROA to immediately verify it here:

New Zealand Record of Achievement document verification

Verify an IQA or OSA

IQAs and OSAs are individual NZQA assessments of overseas qualifications. The results documents issued for IQAs and OSAs are called NZQA recognition statements.

If you have issues using the tool, try again using a different web browser and clear your browser's cache.

If you have questions or feedback about checking an IQA or OSA, email

More about recognition statements

Note: this tool verifies that the NZQA recognition statement is authentic – not the overseas qualification itself.

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