Getting NZ qualification documents

You can download or order official documents from the NZQA Learner Login. You may need to get other documents from your school or tertiary provider.

Documents NZQA can provide

From NZQA's Learner Login, you can:

  • download a free electronic copy of your Record of Achievement
  • order a hard copy of your Record of Achievement, to be sent either to you or directly to the education provider you're applying to
  • order an NCEA or University Entrance certificate
  • download or request an Overseas Result Notice
  • order extra copies of some certificates – these cost $15.30 per copy
  • download a School Results Summary (this is a way to track your progress towards qualifications but is not an official document).

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Trade certificates and vocational awards

NZQA can also provide documents relating to:

Some NZQA documents can be verified online.

Check a New Zealand qualification

New Zealand Record of Achievement

The Record of Achievement is an official academic transcript of all the New Zealand qualifications and standards that a person has achieved, as reported by NZQA-accredited education organisations and Universities.

New Zealand Record of Achievement

School Results Summary

A School Results Summary (SRS) is an unofficial transcript of all results a student has gained for both internally and externally assessed standards while at secondary school.

School Results Summary

NCEA and University Entrance (UE) Certificates

You can order one free NCEA certificate at each level and one free UE certificate.

Overseas Results Notice

An Overseas Results Notice (ORN) has a list of qualifications and awards, summary of credits by subject, and country-specific information in a PDF format.

ORNs are the result of international agreements between NZQA and educational authorities in other countries. They are mainly for international foreign fee-paying students doing some of their secondary schooling in New Zealand before retuning home for tertiary study.

Foreign fee-paying students can download an ORN from the 'Order documents' section of the Learner Login.

Other students can request the ability to download an ORN by emailing

Applying to study overseas with NCEA

GPA estimates

Education providers in some countries may not directly recognise your NCEA results. In these cases, we can provide a GPA letter, which includes an estimate of your overall and subject performance by level. Check with the provider whether you will need this.

We can only do this if enough credits have been assessed. To find out more or request a GPA estimate, email

Include in the email:

  • full name
  • National Student Number
  • date of birth
  • last school attended
  • postal address (we'll send you a physical document)
  • name of the country where you plan to apply.

Reprints of old documents

The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) was phased in from 2002.

  • NCEA Level 1 replaced School Certificate in 2002.
  • NCEA Level 2 was introduced in 2003.
  • NCEA Level 3 and New Zealand Scholarship replaced University Entrance, Bursaries and Scholarships in 2004.
  • Schools offered Sixth Form Certificate (Transitional) instead of NCEA in 2003 and 2004.

If you have one of these older qualifications, you can apply for a Certified Statement of National School Qualifications Results, which lists your results.

Secondary and Tertiary Records online application

Documents from your school or tertiary provider

Your school or education provider can help you if you need to provide further detail about your completed New Zealand qualifications, such as:

  • programme details
  • practical components
  • syllabuses.

They can also help if you need to provide an official transcript or document in a different format to those we provide.

Tertiary Education Qualification Statement (TEQS)

Some tertiary providers offer a Tertiary Education Qualification Statement – an expanded transcript to help international audiences understand the qualification.

Tertiary Education Qualification Statement

Authentication and verification

Some education providers require an authentication (or apostille) and/or verification of documents you provide. This can include:

  • having documents sent directly from NZQA (do this by using the education provider's postal address when you order the document)
  • online verification
  • having documents notarised by a lawyer
  • authentication or apostille from the Department of Internal Affairs.

Use your NZ documents overseas – Department of Internal Affairs

New Zealand Record of Achievement document verification

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