Using NZ tertiary qualifications overseas

Things to consider if you want to use your New Zealand tertiary qualification to apply for work or further study overseas.

Before you apply overseas

Check the requirements in the country where you are hoping to study or work ahead of time.

If you are a member of a professional body, check with them whether there are any existing arrangements with their counterparts in the country you are moving to.

If you are looking to further your education overseas, check with the education provider what they require, including:

  • what documentation they need
  • what format it needs to arrive in
  • what process needs to be followed for it to be recognised as authentic and original (for example, whether you need apostille certification or if it must be emailed or posted directly from the issuing authority).

How NZ tertiary qualifications are recognised

Qualifications listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework are highly regarded around the world. We have a robust quality assurance system that ensures our qualifications are of an excellent standard.

NZQA works with organisations in other countries to support the recognition of our qualifications overseas.

Recognition arrangements

New Zealand has official arrangements with some countries that can make it easier for your qualification to be recognised and understood overseas. We are also members of some regional recognition agreements in Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Although these arrangements don't guarantee that your New Zealand qualification will be accepted as equal to one completed in your target country, they can make it easier for education providers and employers to understand how your qualification compares.

Recognition arrangements with other countries

Qualification arrangements with individual countries

Getting official documents

Requirements vary depending on where you're applying.

NZQA can provide documents confirming your New Zealand secondary school qualifications – you can download these directly from our Learner Login.

Learner login

You can get copies of tertiary qualification documents from the institution you studied at. This might include:

  • your diploma, certificate or degree documentation
  • a tertiary education qualification statement (TEQS).

Getting NZ qualification documents


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