IQAs for immigration

Find out when you need an International Qualification Assessment (IQA) for immigration purposes, and whether to apply for a skill shortage evaluation add-on.

When you need an IQA for immigration purposes

Immigration New Zealand will tell you if you need an IQA.

Usually, this is if:

You do not need an IQA if your qualification is on the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment (LQEA) and you are not applying under a Skill Shortage List.

Contact Immigration New Zealand before you apply for an IQA to confirm if you need an assessment and which of your qualifications needs to be assessed.

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When you need a Skill Shortage List Assessment add-on

If you are applying to Immigration New Zealand under an occupation listed on one of the Skill Shortage Lists, you may need a Skill Shortage List Assessment add-on, as well as an IQA. The add-on evaluates your qualification against specific criteria for your occupation.

Select the list you are applying under to find out if you need to apply for an add-on with your IQA:

Note: Use the applicable PDF list above to find the Occupation Group name which you will need to enter in the QA application form.

Skill shortages – Immigration New Zealand

Immigration help and advice

Contact Immigration New Zealand directly for immigration advice. NZQA is not able to provide information about migrating to New Zealand.

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