New Zealand's qualification arrangements with individual countries

NZQA works with key education and trading partners to agree how we can better recognise each other's qualifications.

NZQA negotiates these agreements on behalf of the New Zealand Government.

How country-specific recognition arrangements work

Qualification recognition arrangements can be with individual countries ('bilateral') or with a group of countries ('multilateral').

Some arrangements recognise specific qualifications. Others are at a systems level, comparing either whole qualifications frameworks or parts of qualifications frameworks (called 'referencing').

Many of these arrangements follow from a trade agreement.

Our arrangements with specific countries



European Union

Hong Kong



Pacific region

United Arab Emirates

We are also a member of broader treaties that set international standards for qualification recognition.

International qualification recognition treaties

Getting your qualifications recognised

NZQA provides qualifications recognition support for individuals.

We can help students wanting to study overseas with key documents and advice.

Applying to study overseas with NCEA

For people wanting to use international qualifications in New Zealand, we can assess qualifications for immigration, employment or further education purposes.

How we assess international qualifications

We also provide information and advice for education providers and regulatory bodies on how to understand and recognise international qualifications.

Checking qualifications

Contact us

For more information about recognition arrangements, or to give us feedback, email

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