Online new permanent delivery site application for EER Category 3 and 4 TEOs

EER Category 1 and 2 providers

Note: the process for external evaluation and review (EER) Category 1 and 2 providers to follow when seeking approval for a new permanent delivery site can be found at Approval of delivery sites.

EER Category 3 and 4 providers

The guide below is intended to support EER Category 3 and 4 tertiary education organisations (TEOs) during the approval process for a new permanent teaching or delivery site.

NZQA requires EER Category 3 and 4 TEOs to notify Client Services where it intends to deliver at a temporary site. Notification is required before delivery occurs at the new temporary site.

Please note that programmes at levels 7 and above on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework are subject to accreditation that is delivery site-specific. For more information see Changes to programme approvals.

About the application

There are three sections in the application form. You must complete each section before progressing to the next. Each section must be fully completed before submitting the application to NZQA for action

  • Section 1: Contact details
  • Section 2 : Application / request details
  • Section 3: Supporting documents

At any time, you can delete the application or return to TEO applications. If you return to TEO applications, any sections you have completed will not be lost. You can resume filling out the application at a later stage.

The application process

When you submit this application, you will receive an auto generated email quoting an NZQA reference number.

Please direct any queries about this application to our Client Services team. Remember to include the NZQA reference number on all correspondence.

Navigation hints

Click the Return to application overview link to leave the section you are in and return to the application summary screen.

Click the Return to TEO applications link to leave the application. Any sections you may have completed will be saved and you can resume filling out the application later.

Complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*), as these fields are mandatory.

Filling out the form

Section 1:

Contact details

Enter the name of the key contact person for this application.

If NZQA requires more information, this is the person they will contact. An email address is required because auto-generated communications will be sent there.

Section 2:

Application/request details

Please provide a summary including:

- Street address of the new site

- The programmes, components or training schemes that will be delivered at the new site

- Suitability of the site for proposed delivery and how it meets all legal, health and safety requirements.

Section 3:

Supporting documents

Complete the Site Attestation form (DOCX, 77KB) and attach.

See details of what to include at: Approval of delivery sites.

Submitting your notification

You are now ready to submit your application. Before you do, check:

- The site details you have supplied in your attestation are complete and correct

- All documents are attached


When you click Submit Application, your application will appear in the TEO applications table. You can view your completed application, or withdraw your completed application until such time that an outcome has been reached.

When you submit this application, you will receive an auto-generated email quoting an NZQA reference number. Use this number in future, if you need to email or speak to a member of staff.


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