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Ngā Mahi a te Whare Pora

These assessment resources for Ngā Mahi a te Whare Pora have been designed to help practitioners of Raranga assess students against assessment standards that have been listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS).

They have been developed in conjunction with and following feedback from practitioners who have assessed assessment standards within their Raranga programmes as well as feedback received from Whakaruruhau members.

The following assessment resources have been developed by the Ngā Mahi ā te Whare Pora Resource Development Group to support Ngā Mahi ā te Whare Pora tutors.

Standards and Assessment Guides


Level 1
 7879 Whakamahi whiri
   Activity (DOC, 233KB) Schedule (DOC, 243KB)
 7881 Whiri tīpare and recall a traditional story associated with tīpare  
   Activity (DOC, 234KB) Schedule (DOC, 243KB)


Level 2
7869 Prepare harakeke for kete
  Activity (DOC, 242KB) Schedule (DOC, 250KB)
7873 Produce muka
  Activity (DOC, 241KB) Schedule (DOC, 253KB)
7882 Raranga kete tīmata
  Activity (DOC, 237KB) Schedule (DOC, 225KB)

Taonga Tākaro

Level 1
7906 Raranga kono/rourou/paroa
  Activity (DOC, 226KB) Schedule (DOC, 218KB)

For the most up to date unit standards available in subfield Ngā Mahi ā te Whare Pora, please check the NZQA website.

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