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The resources contained in this section were developed in a resource development hui between during 1998 and 2001.

They are intended as a guideline for Level 3 unit standards.

Teachers should read the unit standards, the assessment activities and schedules carefully before delivery.  Some resource preparation may be needed in the assessment activities.

Particular skills and knowledge may need to be learnt by students before or while attempting some assessment activities.

The assessment activities can be adapted to meet student needs and individual programmes.

Teachers are encouraged to use their own programmes and select or design their own assessment activities and schedules.  Any new or adapted activities should always be forwarded to the Kāhui for moderation before use.

Teachers can file material in portfolios for their own management systems and should encourage students to set up and manage their own portfolios.


  • programmes

  • assessment outlines

  • formats for portfolios

  • record keeping documents for the teacher and students are located Level 1 and Level 2 standard and assessment guides.

The following resources and guidelines are available for those involved in assessment against standards.
7263 Whakarongo
7271 Kōrero
7259 Tuhituhi
7267 Pānui


Sample programme (DOC, 65KB)

Resources (DOC, 312KB)

Teacher resources (DOC, 154KB)


For further information, contact Māori Qualifications Services.


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