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Kia ora and welcome to the Tourism Māori Assessment Support Material.

These resources have been designed to assist teachers and tutors in assessing students against the relevant Tourism Māori unit standards listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS).

Alternatively, they can be used as a guide to help assessors develop their own tasks and assessment schedules.

NZQA would like to acknowledge the efforts of all those whose work and experience have yielded this practical resource.

Individual Ākonga Booklets

Kaupae 3

17788 Identify, and explain the history of, natural attractions and significant sites in tourism Māori (This standard is expiring. The last date for assessment to take place is 31 December 2020.)
  Activity (DOC, 885KB)
  Schedule (DOC, 905KB)
17791 Identify and explain kaitiaki practices in tourism Māori
  Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 512KB)
  Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 603KB)
31071 Identify and explain the cultural significance of natural and man-made attractions in tourism Māori (This unit standard replaced unit standard 17788 and unit standard 17789.)
  Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 789KB)
  Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 601KB)
17383 Explain the importance, and demonstrate correct pronunciation, of Māori place names in tourism. (This standard is expiring. The last date for assessment to take place is 31 December 2020)
  Activity (DOC, 373KB)
  Schedule (DOC, 339KB)
17384 List and use a range of te reo Māori greetings and farewells in tourism. (This standard is expiring. The last date for assessment to take place is 31 December 2020)
  Activity (DOC, 917KB)
  Schedule (DOC, 905KB)
 17391  Demonstrate knowledge of key forms of Māori communication and the significance of Māori identity in tourism Māori
   Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 541KB)
  Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 624KB)
 17578  Explain the value and benefits of whānau in tourism Māori
   Assessor Booklet
   Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 517KB)
  Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 594KB)
 17784  Examine and recite appropriate karakia in tourism Māori
   Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 985KB)
  Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 661KB)
 17786  Explain the importance of respecting Māori customs and practices in tourism Māori
   Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 737KB)
  Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 614KB)
 31070  Explain the importance of Māori place names, and use reo Māori greetings and farewells in tourism (This unit standard replaced unit standard 17383 and unit standard 17384.)
   Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 520KB)
  Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 647KB)

Kaupae 4

25954 Plan, conduct, and evaluate a tour on a marae      
  Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 800KB)
  Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 601KB)

Kaupae 5

17387 Discuss ngā hekenga mai and iwi settlement, and compare Māori customs with those of another Polynesian people
   Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 737KB)
  Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 646KB)

Full set of Support Materials

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 2.5MB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 2.5MB)

Assessor Booklet (PDF, 3.1MB)


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