Tohu Whakairo

Kia ora and welcome to the Whakairo Assessment Support Material.

These resources have been designed to assist ākonga, teachers and tutors in assessing students against the relevant Whakairo Māori unit standards listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS).

Alternatively, they can be used as a guide to help assessors develop their own tasks and assessment schedules.

NZQA would like to acknowledge the efforts of all those whose work and experience have yielded this practical resource.

Individual Ākonga Booklets

Kaupae (Level) 1

Demonstrate knowledge of carving
23005  Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 934KB)
Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 692KB)
Demonstrate knowledge of how a carver shows meaning in their carvings
23006 Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 796KB)
Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 650KB)
Demonstrate knowledge of carving designs and their meaning
23007 Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 880KB)
Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 486KB)
Describe carved images, objects, and their uses
23008 Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 1MB)
Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 579KB)

Kaupae 2

Identify and apply Māori art conventions, design elements and principles to explore whakairo
23009 Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 976KB)
Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 834KB)
Generate, develop and refine visual ideas in whakairo
23010 Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 1001KB)
Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 658KB)
Demonstrate knowledge of whakairo production for meaning, intention, function and an artist's methodologies
23011 Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 1.2MB)
Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 725KB)
Demonstrate knowledge of function and significance to explore the value of whakairo
23012 Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 1MB)
Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 545KB)

Kaupae 3

Apply Māori art conventions, designs and practices to develop whakairo
23013 Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 1MB)
Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 682KB)
Develop ideas to create whakairo
23014 Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 1.2MB)
Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 639KB)
Examine meaning in particular whakairo situations
23015 Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 863KB)
Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 577KB)
Examine and interpret change in particular whakairo situations
 23016 Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 826KB)
Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 641KB)

Te Whakaruruhau booklet: Whakairo

web 80w whakairo pou

This booklet is a collection of ideas and philosophies discussed at a Whakairo hui attended by tutors and tohunga of Whakairo held at Otawhao marae in Te Awamutu, May 1999. It has been edited to contain material that whakairo tutors may find useful and has been made available as a resource for tutors.

 Te Whakaruruhau Booklet: Whakairo. (PDF, 1.2MB)

Full set of Support Materials

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 2.7MB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (Reo Māori) (PDF, 2.9MB)

Assessor Booklet (PDF, 6.3MB)


For further information, contact MQS@nzqa.govt.nz


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