Māori and the Future State

NZQA’s Future State portfolio is aimed at ensuring learners qualify for a future world that is increasingly global and digitally connected.

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Employers and iwi are looking for graduates who can thrive in a rapidly evolving, innovative, technology mediated world.  Employment growth will be strongest for occupations that require Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills in Aotearoa.

We want all Māori students to ‘qualify for the future world’.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

One of our Future State goals is:

“For NZQA to partner with education system agencies to support a 50% lift of Māori and Pasifika student achievement at NCEA Level 3 in one or more standards in STEM subject related areas by 2020.”

Supporting Māori achievement in NCEA STEM subjects

We will measure the Māori STEM target by:

“The total number of Māori students from NZQA enrolments in the ‘given year’ who obtained 14 credits in one or more Level 3 core STEM subjects across both English and Māori medium schools”.

NZQA is already working alongside key stakeholders on a range of initiatives to support our STEM target including:

  • Mātauranga Māori in STEM: NZQA is exploring opportunities to raise the visibility of Mātauranga Māori based STEM unit standards currently available. We are working with N4L on how to maximise Mātauranga Māori in STEM opportunities through POND, its online environment. NZQA is also running further trials of an online learning programme for teachers on Transforming Assessment Practice, following a trial of a nine week facilitated course in 2015, which will support this. 
  • Supporting the Massey University Pūhoro Māori Academy of Science: NZQA has a partnership agreement with Massey University to provide support for the Pūhoro STEM Academy. NZQA will provide NCEA and the Whānau workshops to Pūhoro whānau, train Academy navigators, provide NCEA data, and support delivery of the Āmua Ao programme (see below).
  • Āmua Ao: NZQA and Callaghan Innovation delivered the 2016 Āmua Ao: Experience Silicon Valley (Āmua Ao) programme in partnership. From 2018, the Āmua Ao programme will be incorporated into, and delivered as part of, Massey University’s Pūhoro programme.  The Āmua Ao events planned for this year are:
    • Āmua Ao: Experience Houston 2018: Fifteen Year 12 & 13 students have been selected to travel to Houston, Texas where they were hosted by NASA Aerospace Engineer, and Pūhoro Ambassador, Mana Vautier.  Students will engage in project-based work, at the NASA Centre, designed to enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills whilst solving real world problems.
    • Āmua Ao: Science & Engineering Challenge: These bilingual events are designed to inspire Year 9 & 10 students to consider a future career in science and engineering by choosing to study the enabling sciences and mathematics in Year 11 & 12.

Selected schools will enter teams of 32 Māori Year 9 & 10 students for events in Auckland (10 September) and Palmerston North (12 September).

For further information contact the Office of the Deputy Chief Executive Māori.

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