Rising Stars

Cover of Rising StarsRising Stars (PDF, 14MB) is a resource to help Pacific young people and their families navigate education to employment pathways. It highlights different careers and encourages learners to find out what study and qualifications are needed for their future pathway. You’ll learn from Pacific navigators some tips regarding study and for career pathways that you can also share with your family.

Hey there, young Pacific achievers! Our world needs you.

We need you to discover your unique talents. We need you to share the special values you’ve learned as you’ve grown up. We need you to dream big…just like your ancestors did. There’s an amazing future waiting for you, so many interesting careers you can go into, and more being invented as we speak!

In this book, you’ll meet some inspiring Pacific people who’ve been where you are now and are living their dreams. You’ll learn some tips for study and career pathways that you can also share with your family. You’ll discover some of the strengths and skills you already have that make you someone people would love to work with in the future. Most of all, this book will help you aim for the stars”.

Rising Stars is available in e-copy and in hard copy on request. Please email the team at Pasifika@nzqa.govt.nz for more information.

Download and read Rising Stars (PDF, 14MB).

Download an editable PDF of Rising Stars (PDF, 15MB).


There are lots of young Pacific people doing amazing things - here are short videos featuring the people we included in Rising Stars:

Manufacturing and Technology

Norrie Ape
Shalom Alfred Ngaro

Construction and Infrastructure

Monica Kershaw
Saina Finau Latu

Creative Industries

Samson (Rambo) Jones Vaotuua
Nora Swann

Primary Industries

Shaun Williams
Popo Louā

Social and Community Industries

Tekatu Tabwe Bio
Sabrina Manū


Service Industries

Jo Rose Salota Kerrisonn
Patrick Ikinofo


Download and find out more

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