NCEA Online self guided tutorial

Welcome to the NCEA Online digital exams self-guided tutorial. 

This tutorial is designed for Principal’s nominees who are new to digital exams, or need a refresher on the basics. 

It will take you through everything you need to know about preparing your school for digital exams, from increasing confidence in your school community to the basic requirements of room set up and infrastructure preparation.

It's made up of 10 short videos and should take no more than 45 minutes in total. By going through all the videos, you will get a full picture of how digital exams work and how you can run these in your school. 

You don’t need to finish them all at once – you can jump in and out, so make sure to bookmark this page or keep your registration with the link.

Complete all the videos before your Q&A session and come ready to ask any questions not already answered in the tutorials.

Video 1: Introduction

Find out what to expect in this self-guided tutorial, where to get support support and NZQA's approach to digital exams. 

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Where to get support:

Video 2: How digital exams work

Learn the basics of the digital exam software, understand the end to end process for digital exams and what it looks like from a supervisor perspective.

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Video 3: Preparing your school for digital exams

Understand the importance of the three Ps: plan, prepare, practice. Know where to start when planning digital exams and who needs to do what and when. 

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Video 4: Building confidence and planning for the unexpected

Know what might go wrong, so you can plan to reduce the impact of unexpected events mitigate risks. 

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Video 5: Preparing your students

Find out what your students need to know about digital exams and how they can familiarise themselves with the digital exam platform. 

Find more information: 

  • Prepare your students
    Information on practice activities, logging in, accessing past exam papers, online learning skills, language keyboards and keyboard shortcuts
  • Practice activities
    Activities to become familiar with the digital exam platform
  • Student Exam Hub
    Information for students preparing for NCEA exams 

Video 6: Preparing devices

Find out which devices are compatible with the digital exam platform and how to set up devices correctly, including enabling language keyboards for Te Reo Māori and foreign language exams. 

Find more information: 

  • Digital exams device check
    See if your device is compatible with digital exams and find out how to set up devices for a digital exam 

Video 7: Preparing your infrastructure

Understand the requirements for digital exams and the support available from NZQA and Network for Learning (N4L). 

 Video 8: Preparing your space 

Understand how setting up for digital exams is different from paper exams. 

 Video 9: Exam Management

Understand how exam management differs between paper and digital exams, including making digital entries, working with your ECM, and tracking which students have accessed their student/learner login. 

 Video 10: On the day of a digital exam

Know what you and your students can expect on the day of a digital exam. 

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