Prepare students

If your students will be sitting a digital exam, they should already be using digital technology in their learning. Preparing students for their digital exams will require them to become familiar with the exam software as well as ensuring they are confident using a device for assessment.

Students sitting digital exams should be able to:

  • read and navigate webpages
  • type an answer
  • move a cursor to locate and select information on a page.

Before you decide to offer digital exams consider these questions:

  • Are the students being assessed digitally in class?
  • Has your school participated in a digital trial or pilot in the past? If you have, what went well and what do you need to improve?
  • Do you have the rooms required for the number of students you plan to have sit digital exams?
  • Will there be enough devices to support all students completing a digital exam?
  • Are your exam staff, including your Exam Centre Manager, confident using computer technology?

Practice activities

Plan some class time for students to check out these practice activities so they know what to expect. They include:

  • tasks to help students and teachers become confident using the exam software and know what to do if there is a technical issue
  • 2018 digital exam papers for subjects being offered online in 2019
  • what they need to know when going into the exam room e.g. how to log in, what they need to bring
  • answers to questions students might have about what to expect on exam day.

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