Results publication: advice for students

How to see your results

Candidates' NCEA results are released in mid-January. Candidates need to login to the Learner area to be able to see their results. You will need to register online first if you haven't logged in before.

Understanding your results online

Before you see your NCEA results page for the first time, you may find it helpful to find out what information is where on the results screen.

Each standard can have a range of results including "N" for not achieved, "A" for achieved, "M" for achieved with merit, or "E" for achieved with excellence. The result codes that can appear are as follows:

N - Not achieved A - Achieved M - Achieved with merit E - Achieved with excellence
ABS - Absent SNA - Standard not assessed RNA - Result not available

All "9xxxx" series are achievement standards and all other reference numbers are unit standards. As some standards cannot be awarded all of these results the result code is shown in bold where a candidate has achieved the maximum possible result for that standard.

When will you get your NCEA answer booklets?

Your NCEA answer booklets should arrive between late-January and mid-February 2020. You may receive more than one pack. Please check your booklets when they arrive. If you have not received your NCEA answer booklets by the middle of February, you should call NZQA on 04 463 3000 or 0800 697 296.

NZ Scholarship answer booklets will be dispatched in the post after results are released mid-February.

When will I be able to view my exam answers if I completed my exam digitally?

Digital exam answers will be available to view in late-January. You can view them on the digital exam platform.

You can find more information on accessing your digital exam answers here.

What should you do when you have received your answer booklets?

Once you receive your answer booklets, you should check that your online results match the results shown on your booklet.

What to do if you think there is a problem with your results

If you have concerns about your results, you should contact your school to discuss any results for internally assessed standards or externally assessed portfolios. For other externally assessed standards, please wait until you have received your examination answer booklets so you can check what has been recorded on them by the markers.


If you think there has been a processing error in recording your results, or one or more sections of your booklet appear to be unmarked, you can apply for a review.  For more information, see Reviews and reconsiderations.


If you think your booklet has been incorrectly marked, you can apply for a reconsideration. Before you submit an application for reconsideration you should first consult the judgement statement for the standard, which will help you understand how your final result was decided (Note: these will be published shortly after your results have been published).

Reviews and reconsiderations can take up to four weeks to process. Apply for your review or reconsideration early if you are wanting to enter university and inform the university that you have outstanding reconsiderations or reviews. To find out how to apply for a reconsideration, see Reviews and reconsiderations.

Certificates and other result documents

You are entitled to one free copy of your Record of Achievement and one free copy of your School Result Summary. To find out what these are, see Results

In addition, if you have achieved a qualification (such as NCEA Level 1) you will be entitled to one free certificate for that qualification.

However, you must order these. To find out how and when to order your free copies, or to order additional copies, see Order documents.

New Endorsements

If you have been awarded a new endorsement on an NCEA qualification achieved in a previous year, you can request a new certificate. There is a charge for this. To order a new certificate with a new endorsement, see Order documents.

Certificate or Course Endorsement

Your entries and results page include certificate and/or course endorsement results. For more details, see Endorsements.

For course endorsement, the standards that made up each course were selected by your school and if you have any questions about this you should contact your school

Credit Inclusion

NZQA recognises achievement from some certificates or qualifications that are not directly assessed using New Zealand Qualifications Framework Unit or Achievement standards. This is called Credit Inclusion.  For more information on Credit Inclusion, including programmes eligible for inclusion, see Credit Inclusion.

Results from any of these programmes are not reported with your other results. If you have undertaken such a programme your school can help you to make an application for credit inclusion. Credits from Credit Inclusion programmes will only be awarded if you require them to complete an NCEA qualification.

Other Qualifications

NZQA checks school learner results for a range of National Certificates other than NCEA.  To do this, results from this year and any previous years will be used and if you have completed a National Certificate it will be reported on your Entries and Results page.  If you have queries about how or why you have gained any qualification, please contact your school in the first instance.  For more information about any specific qualification, you can see the full list of Qualifications

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