Guide to online results

This is a sample results record for a learner.

See below for the main sections of the record and what they show.


My School Entries and Results

Look under My School Entries and Results for all entries and results your school has reported.

These include:


Course Endorsements

Click on the name of the subject to get more details:


Credit Summary - All Years

This is a summary of all credits achieved by level, standards type, assessment type and result.


Credit summary for each year

This is a summary of all credits achieved in that year, by level, standards type, assessment type and result.

Course Credit Summary

This is a summary of credits entered by course, level and result.

Entries and Results

There is an entries and results section for each year your school has reported NCEA results.

  • Click on 'Show explanation of the entry details' to find out what each result means.
  • Click on an external standard to view your summary of marks and marked assessments.


Summary of marks and marked assessment access

When you click on a specific standard you will get more detailed information and more options:

  • Click on the Access completed assessment button to view your marked assessment.
  • Click on View as a PDF to download your summary of marks.
  • See the breakdown of scores by question, total score, final result and number of credits.

You may see different information and options depending on the standard. 

If your exam is scanned after marking, you will only see the final result. There won't be a breakdown of the question item marks or the total mark.

Reconsideration and Review

You can also:

  • apply for a reconsideration online
  • apply for a review online
  • see an explanation of the summary of marks.


Here is an example of a summary for L3 Visual Arts standard.




Click on the link to get details of the results:

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