Digital Pilot Examinations - Information for Candidates

How do I view my marked digital examination?

Candidates who sat the NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 Digital Pilot examinations for English, Media Studies and Classical Studies will be able to view their digital scripts from Tuesday, 23 January 2018 until Tuesday, 22 May.

To view your responses, click on the subject below and enter the username and password you were given to log in to the digital examination.

English level 1

Media Studies level 1

Classical Studies level 1

English level 2

Media Studies level 2

Classical Studies level 2

If you have forgotten your username or password, please call 0800 222 230.

In some cases, if a standard was completed both digitally and in the paper booklet, the digital response will not be available to view and you will receive your paper booklet in the post.

Once you have logged in to the digital examination you will be directed to a home page.  From this home page you can access all of the standards that are available to view.  When you are viewing a standard, you need to return to the home page to access additional standards.  To view all three questions within English standard 90851, navigate between the questions using the page numbers at the top of the screen.  The total score can be found at the top of the right hand panel and each individual question score below it.  If you cannot scroll through your entire response, adjust the resolution of your screen until the scroll bar appears.


Digital Reviews and Reconsiderations

All reviews and reconsiderations must be received by 16 February 2018.


What if I answered the entire assessment digitally?

For digital Pilot standards that were answered entirely online, no reviews will be available. If you apply for a reconsideration there is no need to send a copy of your assessment with your application.


What if I answered digitally and in the paper booklet?

In some cases, candidates answered an assessment both digitally and on paper. In these cases, your digital script has been printed and matched with your booklet. These will be posted back to you.

If you are applying for a review or reconsideration you will need to send these in with your application.

Please refer to Reviews and Reconsiderations for further information.


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