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An annotated exemplar is an extract of student evidence, with a commentary, to explain key aspects of the standard. It assists teachers to make assessment judgements at the grade boundaries.

Level 1

  • AS91016 - Demonstrate Understanding of the Subject Matter of Art Works (1.2)
  • AS91017 - Demonstrate Understanding of Links Between Context(s) and Art Works (1.3) 
  • AS91018 - Demonstrate Knowledge of Media and Methods Used to Produce Art Works (1.4)
  • AS91019 - Demonstrate Understanding of Developments in an Artist’s Work (1.5)

Level 2

  • AS91183 - Examine how media are used to create effects in art works (2.4)
  • AS91184 - Communicate understanding of an art history topic (2.5)
  • AS91185 - Communicate a considered personal response to art works (2.6)
  • AS91186 - Demonstrate understanding of art works in relation to their physical environments (2.7)

Level 3

  • AS91485 - Examine the impact of media and processes on art works (3.4)
  • AS91486 - Construct an argument based on interpretation of research in art history (3.5)
  • AS91487 - Examine the different values placed on art works (3.6)
  • AS91488 - Examine the relationship(s) between a theory and art works (3.7)
  • AS91489 - Analyse texts about art (3.8)
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