Art History - clarification of standards level 3

Clarifications related to all level three standards

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One of the benefits of the new Level 3 standards is the ability for teachers to make overall judgements of students’ evidence. An appropriate overall judgement will be based on evidence of the student’s demonstration of understanding of the intent and requirements of the standard.

This will be observed in:

  • The quality and scope of the student’s evidence
  • The use of explanatory, analytical and evaluative language
  • The use of art specific language and terminology
  • The detail and precise nature of the supporting evidence

When making overall judgements, assessors must take care to base their decisions on evidence relevant to the requirements of the particular standard, rather than on other information such as biographical information about an artist, or superfluous details about the quality or style of an art work. It would also be inappropriate to base overall judgements on presentation details such as length, essay style etc.

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