Assessment Report

Level 1 German 2020

Standards 90883  90886


Part A: Commentary

The topics and vocabulary in the texts were familiar to most candidates and provided them with ample opportunity to show at least basic understanding. Those who performed better not only had reliable vocabulary recognition, but also noticed other language features as well and could understand more difficult passages. They were able to support their answers with detail and also consider implied meanings. Candidates are encouraged to read the questions carefully and remember that reference to evidence in the texts is a key element in producing excellent results..

Part B: Report on standards

90883:  Demonstrate understanding of a variety of spoken German texts on areas of most immediate relevance

Candidates who were awarded Achievement commonly: 

  • understood the gist of the passage
  • wrote brief answers with limited supporting detail
  • demonstrate vocabulary knowledge that showed basic understanding.

Candidates whose work was assessed as Not Achieved commonly:

  • wrote brief answers or longer fabricated ones
  • demonstrated a poor knowledge of basic vocabulary.

Candidates who were awarded Achievement with Merit commonly:

  • demonstrated clear understanding of the passages
  • were able to write more detailed supported answers
  • did not grasp the finer vocabulary details or nuances in the passages.

Candidates who were awarded Achievement with Excellence commonly:

  • demonstrated thorough understanding of the passages and were able to communicate that
  • were fully able to justify their answers with relevant details from the text that considered implied meanings
  • wrote full, well-articulated, organised responses.


90886:  Demonstrate understanding of a variety of German texts on areas of most immediate relevance

Candidates who were awarded Achievement commonly:

  • understood sufficient key information from the texts to get the gist
  • gave only a small amount of detail in their answers
  • were led astray by illustrations, in some cases
  • misunderstood some of the more challenging sentences
  • did not read closely and sometimes missed words such as “nicht”.

Candidates whose work was assessed as Not Achieved commonly:

  • were unfamiliar with or confused by basic vocabulary, e.g. Tasche/Sache, vier/viel, bunt, einfach
  • displayed limited understanding of isolated lexical items they recorded
  • responded to (b) parts of questions only and without supporting detail
  • sometimes invented detail that they thought might be relevant.

Candidates who were awarded Achievement with Merit commonly:

  • showed a clearer understanding of the texts overall
  • understood more detail and were therefore able to write longer and more relevant responses
  • had more reliable and flexible vocabulary recognition, e.g. understood that tragen was more likely to be used with the meaning of “wear” and not “carry” in the given context.

Candidates who were awarded Achievement with Excellence commonly:

  • demonstrated consistently accurate and detailed understanding of the texts
  • were able to make sense of more challenging sentences, e.g. “Mein Aussehen ist alles für mich”
  • responded with fully justified and considered answers
  • expanded sensibly on clues in the texts.

Standard specific comments

Candidates who had thorough vocabulary knowledge were able to show clear understanding and had a better basis for justifying their answers. While expressing opinion, candidates should ensure that points they make are linked back to the texts.


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