Assessment Report

Level 2 Korean 2019

Standards 91138  91141

Part A: Commentary

Successful candidates responded to the questions based on the information provided in the texts.

Candidates are advised against directly translating the text as this can prevent them from fully demonstrating their understanding.

To achieve at Merit and Excellence level, candidates need to show they can select appropriate information, understand any implied meanings and provide justification using examples from the text in their answers.

Part B: Report on standards

91138:  Demonstrate understanding of a variety of spoken Korean texts on familiar matters

Candidates who were awarded Achievement commonly:

  • provided some accurate, but simple information from the passage
  • selected information from some sections of the text, but with simple detailing
  • gave brief answers to the questions
  • omitted some key details or information from their answers.

Candidates whose work was assessed as Not Achieved:

  • wrote answers based on their own knowledge or experiences, rather than on what they had heard or read
  • wrote very brief answers
  • showed vague or only partial understanding of the passage or text.

Candidates who were awarded Achievement with Merit commonly:

  • identified key information and connected ideas appropriately
  • produced answers that included accurate and relevant detail
  • gave answers that were supported by relevant details from the passage or text
  • reworded information appropriately rather than simply translating large chunks of the text.

Candidates who were awarded Achievement with Excellence commonly:

  • demonstrated comprehensive understanding of the text by writing full answers with relevant details from the passage
  • justified their opinions / ideas using evidence from the passage
  • showed understanding of implied meanings and nuances in the text
  • showed insightful conclusions from the information provided.

Standard specific comments



91141:  Demonstrate understanding of a variety of written and/or visual Korean texts on familiar matters

The comments above, also relate to 91141. 

Standard specific comments


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