Assessment Specifications

Level 1 Art History 2023

General information


Art History

Method of assessment

Written examination



Candidates are encouraged to write a concise response of no more than 550–600 words (3–4 pages). Assessment will be based on the quality of the response rather than its length. 

Information in planning spaces will not be marked.

The assessment will be available to candidates in paper or digital format. Further information about digital external assessments can be found on the Digital Assessments: NCEA Online page.

 Specific information for individual achievement standards




Demonstrate understanding of formal elements of art works, using art terminology



Number of credits


Candidates will be provided with:

  • a question-and-answer booklet
  • a resource booklet with images (plates) of New Zealand art works and buildings, covering the fields of painting and printmaking, photography, sculpture, and architecture. 

Candidates will be required to answer ONE of two questions:

  • EITHER Question One, by referring to ONE plate provided in the resource booklet and ONE plate they have selected from art works they have studied
  • OR Question Two, by referring to plates provided in the resource booklet.

The art works used for Question One or Question Two may be by the same artists or by different artists, but must be from TWO different fields.

Plates for Question One and Question Two will be selected from the following artists' works:

Shane Cotton Mark Adams Neil Dawson
Bill Hammond Marti Friedlander Michael Parekōwhai
Robyn Kahukiwa Gavin Hipkins Tiffany Singh
Reuben Paterson Fiona Pardington Elizabeth Thomson
John Pule Peter Peryer  
Kelcy Taratoa   ARCHITECTURE
Robin White   Athfield Architects
    Bossley Architects
    Warren and Mahoney

These lists will be reviewed annually with these assessment specifications.

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Examination timetable

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