Assessment Specifications

Level 2 Drama 2022

(Updated in March 2022)

General information


Drama Studies

Method of assessment

Written examination


91215  91219

Information relating to both achievement standards

Candidates will be required to name and provide details of the drama / theatre form or the live performances.

Candidates may be required to respond in any combination of written response (paragraphs) and illustration (sketches and/or diagrams).

Diagrams or sketches will be assessed on the quality of information conveyed and not their artistic merit (i.e. simple stick figures are satisfactory). Candidates should annotate their diagrams or sketches to provide specific detail and to explain their answers.

A glossary of terms will be included at the start of the examination papers. The definitions of terms are as outlined in the Achievement Standards Explanatory Notes for each standard, i.e. features for 91215 and elements, conventions, techniques, and technologies for 91219.

Specific information for individual achievement standards




Discuss a drama or theatre form or period with reference to a text



Number of credits


This examination paper will consist of 3 questions. 

Candidates should be familiar with purpose of the drama / theatre form or period, historical / social context, performance space, and themes and ideas.

Questions may cover a combination of features of the drama or theatre form and period, and the evidence of these in the text studied.




Discuss drama elements, techniques, conventions and technologies within live performance



Number of credits


Candidates will be required to respond to questions on:

  • A drama performance they have viewed as a member of the audience in the 2022 calendar year. This may include watching a live drama performance that has been recorded with, or intended for, a live audience. Any viewed performances, whether live or recorded, should provide opportunities for candidates to meet the requirement of the standard at all grade levels.

Candidates may choose to respond to questions on:

  • A live drama performance in which they have participated as an actor in the 2022 calendar year.

Candidates should be familiar with character, the use of drama techniques, conventions, and technologies.

Questions may cover a combination of elements, techniques, conventions, and technologies.

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