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Level 3 Home Economics 2020

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Home Economics

Mode of assessment

Written examination


91470  91471

Information relating to both achievement standards

Candidates will be required to use the resources provided for each achievement standard. In the paper examinations, the resources will be provided in separate resource booklets.

Information in planning spaces will not be marked.

The assessment will be available to candidates in paper or digital format. Further information about digital external assessments can be found on the Digital Assessments: NCEA Online page.

Specific information for individual achievement standards




Evaluate conflicting nutritional information relevant to well-being in NZ society



Number of credits


Context details

Candidates will be expected to apply their knowledge and understanding to evaluate conflicting information relating to ultra-processed food.

Ultra-processed foods are a category of foods that go through multiple processes (e.g. extrusion, milling), contain many added ingredients. Some of these added ingredients are derived from further processing of food constituents (e.g. invert sugar, high-fructose corn syrup). Examples of ultra-processed foods include soft drinks, packaged snacks, chocolate, sweets, ‘instant’ sauces and soups, sweetened breakfast cereals, chicken nuggets, and many ready-to-heat products.

Candidates will be expected to evaluate information provided in the resources, by comparing and contrasting it in relation to information from their studies.

Credibility of nutritional information is based on evidence, reliability, motivation and source of the information / research. 




Analyse the influences of food advertising on well-being



Number of credits


Content/context details

Candidates will be expected to analyse THREE advertisements to explain a range of techniques.

Candidates will be expected to comprehensively analyse ONE advertisement by identifying explicit and implicit messages, and their influence on food choice and well-being / hauora, and challenge the messages conveyed by the advertisement.

Techniques are found in Explanatory Note 4 of the standard

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