Assessment Specifications

Level 3 Samoan 2020

(Updated in April 2020)

General information



Mode of assessment

Written examination


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Information relating to both achievement standards

The examination will require responses written in English, te reo Māori, and/or Sāmoan to a variety of extended written and spoken Sāmoan texts.

Instructions will be in English and questions will be in Samoan and English.

Texts will relate to concrete and abstract matters of social interest that may develop a line of argument. Topics may include matters beyond candidates’ immediate experience, for example:

  • societal issues
  • community and relationships
  • education and employment
  • historical events
  • protocol and ceremonies
  • Samoan concepts.

As they develop their fluency and accuracy, learners can benefit from reading texts where macrons and glottal stops are consistently used. Level 3 Samoan will use macrons and glottal stops as appropriate for learners of Gagana Sāmoa.

For further guidance on language and contexts, see:

The assessment will be available to candidates in paper or digital format. Further information about digital external assessments can be found on the Digital Assessment: NCEA Online page.

Specific information for individual achievement standards




Demonstrate understanding of a variety of extended spoken Samoan texts



Number of credits


Format of the assessment

Candidates will listen and respond to recordings of up to 3 spoken texts, which they will hear as a whole and twice in sections, with a pause after each section.

As candidates listen, they may make notes in the listening notes boxes provided. Before each spoken text begins, they will have 30 seconds per question to preview the questions. At the end of each text, they will have time to review their notes and answers. The total duration of the recordings will be up to 45 minutes.

Listening will commence in the second hour of the examination. Candidates will be advised five minutes before the hour that the listening will commence.

This year in the digital format, candidates will listen to recordings in the same way as those completing the paper-based examination. A recording will be played aloud to all candidates at the same time.




Demonstrate understanding of a variety of extended written and/or visual Samoan texts



Number of credits


Format of the assessment

Candidates will read and respond to up to 3 written texts representative of different text types in a resource booklet.

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