Assessment Specifications

Level 2 Visual Arts 2023

General information


Practical Art

Method of assessment



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Produce a systematic body of work that shows understanding of art making conventions and ideas within design / painting / photography
printmaking / sculpture



Number of credits

12 (per standard)

Format of the assessment

This external standard is assessed in schools. Each candidate presents a portfolio for assessment consisting of EITHER a two-panel portfolio (folio board) OR a digital moving image submission, representing the requirements of the standard. Schools then send sample portfolios to NZQA for verification. Panels of verifiers either confirm or adjust the provisional grades for the sample portfolios. These become the final grades for the sample portfolios. Schools are required to use the results of verification to award final grades to their remaining candidates.

Two-panel portfolio specifications

Each two-panel portfolio must be free-standing and consist of two 820 × 610 mm panels of cardboard joined down the long edge (portrait in orientation).

The two panels must be hinged with adhesive tape or a glued binding cloth, and fold inwards to ensure the artwork is not damaged.

Portfolios should weigh no more than 1 kg and should be no more than 10 mm thick when folded. Bulky three-dimensional work or large-scale work may be represented by photographs and, where appropriate, accompanied by sketches, headings, or diagrams. The candidate should provide descriptive information about media and processes used, scale, and site.

Moving image portfolio specifications

The body of work for a moving image submission should include a similar amount of work as for a two-panel portfolio. A moving image submission should NOT be merely a digital representation of a two-panel portfolio. A digital submission should show evidence of actual time-based work and/or documentation of time-based art or design practice.

Each digital moving image submission must be presented as a video file no more than 120 seconds in length. A submission may comprise several individually edited video files or a combination of moving and still images.

Music or sound included in a moving image submission must be either an original composition(s) or music for which copyright has been obtained. This must be referenced in credits at the end of the submission.

Note: Digital submissions will not be returned to candidates.

Submission and authenticity

Submission instructions and authenticity requirements will be provided for schools at the end of Term 2 on the Visual Arts subject page.

Examination timetable and submission dates

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