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91383: Analyse a human resource issue affecting businesses

Updated December 2018. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Human resource issue

A human resource issue is a complex problem that is significant enough to affect at least two New Zealand businesses. While reference may be made to international research or overseas businesses facing the issue, the focus is on the issue and its impacts on New Zealand businesses that operate in a global context.

Students should collect evidence about, or from, some New Zealand global businesses that have experienced the issue. This could be primary data based on interviews with business owners/managers, or information from sources such as Statistics NZ, employer associations or the Employment Law Database.

The teacher should provide guidance as to whether students’ chosen issues will lend themselves to comprehensive analysis.

The following are ideas of human resource issues that could be analysed:

  • the impact of employees’ personal social media usage on productivity
  • pressure on employers to pay a living wage
  • the shortage of skilled construction workers
  • the recruitment and retention of secondary teachers

Analysis of the issue

This involves explaining the chosen issue, evaluating how it arose, and its potential consequences for the businesses. Impacts on stakeholders such as employees, shareholders and customers will provide context, however, the main focus should be on how the issue affects the business community.

For Achieved, one solution the business community could feasibly implement to mitigate the issue would be provided. At least two possible solutions would be provided for Merit and Excellence. The learner would recommend the best of the solutions for Excellence.

Business knowledge

In discussing why solutions are appropriate to solve or mitigate the issue, the student needs to demonstrate an understanding of business knowledge relevant to the appropriate aspect(s) of the human resource cycle: workforce planning, change management, employment relations, employment law, training, motivation and appraisal.

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