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91385: Investigate the exporting potential of a New Zealand business in a market, with consultation

Updated December 2017. This document has been updated in its entirety to address issues that have arisen from moderation.

Choosing a business

The subject of the investigation needs to be a business that does not currently export, or one that could consider exporting to a new offshore market. Students are required to undertake all aspects of an investigation, which typically includes planning the research, consulting domestically or, for Merit and Excellence, consulting internationally, collecting evidence, evaluating the export potential and stating/explaining/integrating business knowledge.


A starting point for gathering exporting information is the websites of the relevant agencies. Consultation may be face-to-face, via Skype or by email, supported by evidence. Out of respect for the workload of agencies the consultation may need to be facilitated by the teacher. In this case, students should determine the information they wish the teacher to gather.

Domestic consultation could be with an agency that provides support to exporters. Examples include customs agents, Export NZ, Asia NZ Foundation, NZ Trade & Enterprise, NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and NZ Chamber of Commerce. International consultation could be with a relevant overseas business, customs agent, trade commission, embassy or agency that could engage in dialogue about exporting requirements for their base country.

Business knowledge

Students should demonstrate understanding of:

  • the export process – cultural intelligence, transport, distribution, finance, intellectual property, compliance, trade agreements, exchange rates
  • government and non-government agencies which can advise the business
  • the export readiness of the business
  • the risks and opportunities of expanding globally
  • relevant Maori business concept(s), where appropriate.

Relevant business knowledge/vocabulary must be appropriately used in context. For Excellence, business knowledge should be integrated throughout the report or presentation. The student would use detailed relevant aspects of their evidence to provide comprehensive explanations of the export process and the potential or readiness of the business to enter the offshore market.


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