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90930: Carry out a practical chemical investigation, with direction

Updated December 2016. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Carrying out an Investigation

‘With direction’ means that the purpose, an outline of the method and equipment, and/or chemicals from which to choose will be given, as well as a template (Explanatory Note 3).

Data must be gathered over a range of values that allow a conclusion to be reached within the context of the investigation.

Correct units are required for all levels of achievement. If the investigation involves changing concentration, the appropriate unit for concentration could be percentage, ratio, etc.

Making judgements

For all levels of achievement, students need to develop a method and carry out an investigation. The report needs to identify what is changed (the independent variable) and the range, identify what is measured (the dependent variable) and how it is measured, and include a summary of the collected and processed data with a conclusion based on the processed data.

Merit also requires students to develop a method that controls the significant variables and explains the techniques used to increase accuracy. The report needs to show processing of data to enable a conclusion to be reached, with a conclusion based on the processed data that links to the purpose of the investigation.

Excellence also requires an evaluation that relates the investigation findings to the relevant chemistry ideas, and justifies the conclusion and the choices made in the investigation.

Generic statements are not sufficient – the evaluation must relate to the student’s findings from the investigation.


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