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AS90858 Compose Dance Sequences for given briefs

Updated June 2014. This document has been updated, but no new moderation issues have arisen.

Collaborative Choreography

Collaborative choreography is allowed for this standard.  When this option is taken, the time requirement of 45 seconds still stands as the length of the final product, i.e. 45 seconds as a group, not 45 seconds of movement for each individual in the group.

It is expected that each student who participated in the group choreography will be awarded the same grade (i.e. the grade that the final product meets the criteria for).

Moderators do not need to see specific evidence of each individual’s contribution to the group or duet composition. However, if teachers are awarding someone in the group a different grade to that of the others, then justification for this should be provided.

Interpretation of the choreographic brief

The composed sequences are expected to be the result of the given brief, but the interpretation of this brief can be quite wide – therefore a preconceived expectation of what the dance might be communicating should not disadvantage a student. Ultimately it is the dance sequence that needs to be effective and imaginative. 


The final grade judgement will be based on the overall weight of evidence across both sequences.  This does not mean that an averaging process is undertaken, but rather that the student should be awarded the grade that best represents the level that they achieved. 

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