Dance Level 2 Clarifications

Dance - Level 2 Clarifications

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91209: Perform a repertoire of dance.

Updated May 2015. This document has been updated, but there are no new moderation issues.

Students are expected to perform three routines to achieve this standard, and each routine must be a minimum of one minute in length. All three must be at least achieved level in order to achieve the standard. Teachers need to assess holistically across the three dances.

A repertoire of dance consists of refined, rehearsed, polished pieces at performance standard. These must be kept in a performance ready state meaning they can be shown with short notice and on repeated occasions. This is similar to the idea of repertoire in a dance company, where a programme of dances may be performed in multiple venues and dances may be rested or re-mounted.

The learning of 3 dances in the same genre should build expertise which is clearly evident in the work presented for assessment. Short bits of unpolished work are not suitable for this standard. Learners need to understand the stylistic features of the genres they are assessed on in order to demonstrate the features in assessment.


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