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Dance - Level 3 Clarifications

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91588: Produce a dance to realise a concept

Updated September 2015. There are no new moderation issues

A clear, defined concept is crucial, so that it can be realised in an effective and cohesive way in the dance. Depth of thinking must be evident in the selected movements and meaningless, predictable, trite or irrelevant movement material must be avoided. Choreographic choices should be imaginative and original to produce a work that has a range of depth, detail, complexity and variation. Production technologies must be well realised and support the ideas in the choreography.

Less superficial description is needed in portfolio work. Instead astute, sound and perceptive reasoning should be provided which addresses movement and design decisions and shows perceptive understanding of the contexts and principles that critically inform their choreograph.

This standard allows the final dance product to be a live performance or a video dance. The latter option is not merely a video of a live performance, but has its own specific requirements that teachers must ensure students are familiar with. Studying and viewing many examples of professional video dance would be a great starting point if this is the teacher’s chosen assessment method.

If slides and projections are included as part of the concept for the choreography of the dance, these need to be integrated cohesively into the piece and not merely be backdrops that are not reflected, matched, referenced or influential in the dance itself.

Moderation submission of 91588

It is not expected that the entire portfolio of research that students undertook be submitted for moderation. Instead a concise explanation of the overall concept of the dance with coherent justifications for their decisions should be submitted in whatever form this is best collected for the teacher and students involved.

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