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91593: Demonstrate understanding of dance performance practices

Updated September 2015. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

The standard requires students to explore, select and apply a range of performance practices. Students should undertake practical experimentation to select which practices to use. Performance practices are actions a dancer takes to prepare for performance and make their performance more expressive on stage. Performance practices also include interacting with or responding to other factors such as the venue, audience, light, sound and costumes.

Students must do more than identify factors influencing performance such as costuming or venue. They must describe their response to these factors. Explaining reasons for choreographic choices of movement, sound, light and costume are choreographic matters and does not demonstrate understanding of performance practices.

For example, describing the costume and why the choreographer/designer chose this costume is insufficient. Students must discuss how the costume influenced the way they performed the movement, i.e. which practices do they apply to manage the impact of the costume, or the venue change from rehearsal to performance, etc.?

When merging TKI tasks teachers need to be very careful that the selected tasks give students full opportunity to demonstrate understanding of performance practices to meet the requirements of the standard.

Evidence for this standard can be collected in a variety of ways and does not have to be shown solely in a written format. The possible methods of collection are outlined in the conditions of assessment document.

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