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91905: Use complex techniques to develop a network

Updated December 2019. As a result of trialling and verification, the following information is available to assist in the assessment of Level 3 Digital Technologies standards. Clarification documents will be further developed when sufficient material has been submitted through the external moderation process. Further assessment support can also be found on TKI.

Evidence for this standard could include the development of a complete network or could be the development of network components/devices that are integrated into an existing network. Devices based on Raspberry Pi, and other similar hardware may be suitable. The key concept is that this is in the context of a network. The inclusion of a device may require settings to be configured on other devices within the network.

Examples of complex techniques are given in Explanatory Note (EN) 5. These provide guidance about the expectations at level 3, and are not an exhaustive list. Assessors may need to determine other techniques that are complex. Students need to demonstrate at least two complex techniques in their network outcome.

Students should not follow an internet tutorial, as they are required to show some independence in the development of their network.

Students need to explain networking concepts. Examples are given in EN 6.

Students need evidence of how they have used hardware, software and peripherals in their network.

If the assessor is providing components, the students need to have a range of options so that they can investigate and choose suitable components from those available.

For Achieved, students need to troubleshoot to resolve setup and configuration errors. The assessor may have to set up errors in a network so that a student can troubleshoot to identify and resolve the errors.

Students need to show how they have addressed the relevant implications. (There is no dedicated clarification for relevant implications at level 3. Guidance and definitions are provided in the level 2 clarification.)

For Merit, students will need to provide evidence (for example, annotated screenshots) of how they evaluated and applied information gained from troubleshooting, testing and diagnostic procedures to improve the network’s quality.

They need to explain the OSI model and the purpose, function and behaviour of the hardware and software used

For Excellence, independence and accuracy will need to be a judgement made by the assessor. This will need to be documented. Students need to justify the choice of hardware and software.

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