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Iterative Improvement

Updated December 2021. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

For Excellence in 91902, 91903, and 91904, iterative improvement requires that students develop a functional outcome using documented cycles of improvement. This may include adding features to the outcome.

Student evidence needs to show deliberate cycles of improvement based on testing and trialling, rather than just incremental development.

Iterative improvement goes beyond just debugging or correcting errors in a non-functioning outcome. It is expected that the student will produce a functioning outcome for an Achieved grade. Iterative improvement should be aimed at making a better product, and evidence of the improvement needs to be provided for moderation.

Students may be able to provide sufficient evidence of the development of the outcome. Examples of this include annotated screenshots, ‘commit’ messages and comments made within the source files, all related to the outcome. Student evidence does not need to contain all previous versions of the outcome. Evidence should show the existence of previous versions and ensure that the final version is clearly labelled, to include comments, and that it functions as expected.

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