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91213: Apply drama techniques in a scripted context

Updated December 2017. The supporting evidence and performance evidence sections have been updated to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Choosing the text

It is important to offer a good choice of text so that students are given the opportunity to achieve at all levels. Texts that offer roles with depth and applying a method of preparation such as Stanislavski typically support credible performances.

Open scripts are not recommended for interpretation for this standard. Overly contrived interpretations may present insurmountable challenges. It may help students achieve 'effectively' to use scripts with a clear line of development and opportunities to respond to each other while playing a solid overall objective.

The ‘less is more’ principle applies here. Scripts that have duration of more than 5-6 minutes appear to diminish the opportunity for students to sustain impact and skill.

Supporting evidence

While there is no specific indication of a statement of intention in the Explanatory Notes, the standard does require the students to ‘convey an intention’ and ‘select’ dramatic techniques. Students should indicate their decisions about the use of techniques to convey role, relationships and situation in order to communicate their intention. 

This may be provided through written, spoken or visual means. Verbal conferencing could be set up and filmed or documented by the assessor.

Using the stated intentions as a benchmark, the students are then assessed on the quality of their application of drama techniques.

Performance evidence

For Merit, students are required to apply drama techniques ‘skilfully’ within a dramatic context. While students must ‘sustain’ their choices to support the intention of the scripted context, they must also work with competence, control and a sense of purpose. They need to demonstrate dexterity in the use of voice, body, movement and the use of space.

Use of space, gesture and movement need to be skilfully sustained, and voice techniques such as phrasing and pause need to be applied credibly for Merit, and to enhance the performance for Excellence.

For Excellence, effectiveness in terms of an accomplished realisation of the stated intention of the student and their contribution to the performance, require the role to be consistently very strongly played. The role should be securely shown through all four drama techniques, so that a nuanced and convincing presentation is assured.


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