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91512: Interpret scripted text to integrate drama techniques in performance.

Updated December 2018. The supporting evidence section has been updated.

The context

The choice of the excerpt within the script is important because key messages or moments will play more effectively and will provide more opportunities to clearly develop tension and focus. The integrity of the playwright needs to be maintained.

Supporting evidence

The student independently chooses drama techniques that will convey the intended meaning. The statement of intention for the scripted extract may be given by written, spoken or visual means with reference to the whole play. Subtext should also be explored.

Analysis of the role should provide clear detail and opportunity for students to use voice, body, movement, and space in a purposeful way in performance and one that clearly relates to the stated intention. Playing against gender may also reduce effectiveness of techniques.

Playing one character for one extract generally produces stronger integration of techniques.

Credible interpretation for Achieved

Evidence of the interpretation (performance choices) is completed in performance, where the extract is interpreted through the integration (blending seamlessly) of techniques in relation to the play as a whole. Drama techniques need to be integrated to communicate an appropriate interpretation of the role, relationships and situation that reflects the true intention of the play.

Skilful for Merit

For Merit, students need assured skills, sustained at a competent level. Students need to provide stronger evidence of their interpretation of the roles undertaken and to carry them out with precision. They need to integrate drama techniques with skill and dexterity, showing a sense of purpose and control with the integration of voice, body, movement and space.

Effective for Excellence

For the role to be conveyed convincingly, aspects of voice need to be developed, such as the use of pause, tone, pace and inflection to truthfully communicate the meaning of the text.

Excellence requires students to find opportunities to integrate techniques that will enhance communication of the dramatic context. Performance choices and body positioning are selected with audience awareness, so they would create impact in a live theatre situation.

There is frequently the suggestion of a wider meaning in the interpretation, with complete conviction maintaining the integrity of the script and wider play.

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