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91475: Produce a selection of fluent and coherent writing which develops, sustains and structures ideas

Updated September 2015. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.  

Selection of writing

A range of writing (sometimes called a portfolio) is developed as part of the English programme. Students make a selection of their best two pieces of writing and craft them to publication standard. If using shorter pieces, there may be more than two pieces of writing selected.

After students have reworked their best pieces so that each is taken to publication standard, teachers will award each piece a grade. Each piece is marked holistically. If the two pieces are significantly different in terms of their grades (i.e. one piece best fits Merit while the other best fits Achieved), the student has met the ‘selection’ requirement at the lower grade, i.e. Achieved.

Text Types

The text types selected for writing must give students the opportunity to demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of purpose and audience. Each text type must provide the opportunity to produce writing at level 8 of the New Zealand curriculum.

Some text types, such as speech and interview transcripts, are not appropriate for this standard. Transcripts may be used as draft pieces and recrafted into an appropriate text type such as a column or article. Some text types such as song lyrics, personal letters and informative essays may limit students’ opportunity to express increasingly sophisticated ideas in an integrated and striking way.

Integrated writing

Work produced for assessment in English and other learning areas may be used as drafts for this standard. Students should rework their drafts into appropriate written text types, such as essays and feature articles, taking that writing to publication standard. Student choices about language features and structures need to create consistency of meaning and effect for that particular text type.

Students must use structures, syntax and diction that meet the conventions of that text type, whether it is a literary, personal or critical essay, a feature article, or poetry, fiction, etc. This use needs to sustain the interest of the audience, which means that a fluent writing style and tone must be sustained across each piece.

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