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91014: Apply spatial analysis, with direction, to solve a geographic problem

Updated March 2020. The section on manipulating spatial data has been revised.

Geographic Problem

The geographic problem selected must be able to be supported with a range of geographic information and spatial data. Teachers should refer to the Conditions of Assessment for guidance relating to the problem/topic selection, and the provision of resource material.

Manipulate spatial data to produce a layout

The intent is to transform the original spatial data to create new data/images as a layout that aids problem solving. Simple manipulations are provided in Explanatory Note 3 of the standard. Teacher direction can be given with data manipulation techniques and layout presentation. The task should guide the student through the spatial analysis process.

The layout should show a combination of data, maps, graphs, visuals etc. related to the problem. Geographic conventions must be used when presenting data.



A valid answer/solution to the problem must be based on the data manipulations, and make direct reference to them. The quality and relevance of the presented spatial data in the layout can influence the depth of the valid answer/solution.

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