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91432: Analyse aspects of a geographic topic at a global scale

Updated September 2015: This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Geographic topic and conceptual understanding

It is important that the selected topic is geographic in nature, has a global spatial dimension and clearly defined parameters. The global spatial dimension must be explicit throughout the analysis. A very broad topic such as ‘water availability’ may be difficult to comprehensively analyse. Focusing on one aspect such as access to safe water would make this topic more manageable.

While detailed topic knowledge is needed, application of this evidence should demonstrate understanding of selected aspects identified in Explanatory Note 2 of the standard. Conceptual understandings of pattern, process, interaction, etc. are fundamental to this standard and should be applied and integrated throughout the response.

Describe the spatial or temporal pattern

Students need to identify a spatial or temporal pattern and describe it using geographic terminology. The quality of the description must reflect the complexity indicative of level 8 of the New Zealand Curriculum. Maps, graphs, etc. could be used to support the description, and these resources can be provided by the teacher.

The description of the pattern will continue to be developed as students explain the contributing factors and/or processes.

Factors and/or processes contributing to the pattern

Explicit links are required between the factors and/or processes and the pattern, on a global scale. This aspect of the analysis needs to focus on the identified pattern. Primary factors contributing to the pattern should be included in the explanation; for example, geological factors should be considered as a major contributor to a pattern of diamond mining/

Social and economic significance of the topic for people

Both the social and economic significance need to be explained. Global topic evidence should be integrated throughout to support the explanation/evaluation.

A comprehensive analysis will evaluate the social and economic significance. There needs to be some indication that the impact has been evaluated; compared, judged, assessed, etc.

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